Alien: Covenant

Release Date May 19, 2017

In ALIEN we met the Xenomorph, a perfect organism, an unstoppable killing machine with molecular acid for blood and a disturbing and invasive form of reproduction. In PROMETHEUS we met the Engineers, mysterious cosmic beings who created the Xenomorph. Now, in ALIEN: COVENANT legendary director Sir Ridley Scott brings the two together and shows humanity just how fragile our place in the galactic ecosystem truly is. 

A group of happy-go-lucky colonists head to a paradise-like planet, looking to spread humanity to the stars. But when they arrive on this brave new world they find that the beauty hides something terrifying, and that none of their hope and faith can keep them alive in the face of chthonian horrors from beyond. 

With ALIEN: COVENANT Scott begins weaving together the disparate threads he created in ALIEN and PROMETHEUS, creating an overarching mythology of Lovecraftian proportions. As gorgeous as it is terrifying, ALIEN: COVENANT is unlike any franchise film in the modern era. The result of a unique vision, COVENANT is the kind of science fiction that engages the mind while also being the kind of horror that will scare you right out of your damn seat. 

danny mcbride, Katherine Waterston, michael fassbender
Director Ridley Scott
Screenwriter Dante Harper, John Logan

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