Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

JAWS On The Water

The Ultimate Shark Movie Experience Returns

We’ve received a decree from the mayor, folks: the beach is staying open, no matter what’s in the water. Only, we know what’s in the water. It’s Jaws.

The Alamo Drafthouse’s Rolling Roadshow has been running Jaws On The Water, its most celebrated event, long enough for CNN to declare there’s no scarier way to watch Steven Spielberg’s first true masterpiece. At Lake Travis’ beautiful Volente Beach Resort, audiences gather to compare scars, chum their stomachs with food and beverages, and scream in terror and delight at one of the greatest movies of all time, in the greatest possible viewing environment imaginable.

Jaws is scary enough on its own - but imagine watching it while bobbing on open water in an inner tube, your feet dangling into reach of untold marine terrors. That’s the Jaws On The Water experience: a true must-do for any fans of film, fun, or fish. And though Lake Travis may well be away from the ocean, we can’t guarantee that it’s shark-free (or rather, that it’s free of scuba divers trained to make the experience as four-dimensional as possible). 

This year, there are three tube options, depending on your desired degree of comfort, price, and safety from sharks. Bring your own, if you’d like, as long as it’s 53 inches in diameter or less. Add a specially-designed tube with headrest and cupholders to your ticket, or buy one on site. Or if you just need a tube for the night, there are loaners available for the screening. Just be careful you don’t present too enticing a target for underwater predators.

So pull out your swimsuit, grease up your nose with sunscreen, and experience what MTV calls “how Jaws was meant to be seen” - watching the movie that terrified people out of the water, in the water.

Doors open at 6:00 on Saturday, June 8, with all the resort’s rides, activities, and food and beverage options open to guests. The movie starts at sunset, for maximum viewing quality and fright levels, and if the fire marshal deems it safe, the explosive finale onscreen will be matched in real life.

Check out Scott's report from an earlier version of the event for a true account of Rolling Roadshow’s finest creation - and get details and info here. We’ll see you there - and hopefully we’ll all survive...