The SUPER TROOPERS 2 Poster Will Restore Your Faith In America

Well, maybe. If nothing else, the tagline is great.

The Broken Lizard crew has been hard at work on Super Troopers 2 for what feels like years, primarily because they actually have been working on this thing for years. But after several false starts and a few alternate ideas (back in 2006, they were talking about making the film a '70s-set prequel), the film is finally complete, ready to land in select theaters via Fox Searchlight on - when else? - April 20th.

Today brings us a new poster for the film. It is wildy patriotic.

That's a handsome poster, but that tagline is next level.

For those who haven't been following along, here's a plot synopsis:

"Five wacky troopers must set up a new highway patrol station as the United States and Canada dispute the location of the border."

Well, that explains the patriotic imagery: Super Troopers 2 will find our beloved, syrup-chugging heroes butting heads with our friends north of the border. This was all laid out very explicitly in the film's trailer, which I will embed for you below in an attempt to further pad out this post:

The entire Broken Lizard crew is back for this sequel, along with Brian Cox (from the original) and Rob Lowe (new to the franchise but always welcome). Will these guys be able to make hilarious lightning strike twice? It's a tough act to pull off, but - speaking as an absolute fan of the original - I'm crossing my fingers for 'em.

Super Troopers 2 arrives on 4/20. Please prepare yourselves accordingly.