The Fifth Season Trailer For SILICON VALLEY Is 100% TJ Miller-Free

Perhaps to be filed under "happy accident".

At the end of Silicon Valley's most recent, fourth season, we learned that TJ Miller was parting ways with Mike Judge's riotously-funny HBO series. At the time, the reason behind the departure seemed a little muddled: no one seemed able to agree why Miller's character was being written off, though all involved did seem to agree that it was probably for the better. It was weird.

Fast-forward until now, and Miller's in a much different position than he was in when that story first broke. The comedian is at the center of some exceptionally unpleasant sexual assault allegations, all of which he denies, and - as we've seen recently with some other, non-TJ Miller-related properties - his continued presence on Silicon Valley would definitely have been a point of contention for some viewers. 

But, hey - either way, Miller's off the show, and this new season five trailer seems happy to drive that point home: we glimpse all of Silicon Valley's major characters in this footage, but Miller's Erlich Bachman is nowhere to be found (and, in the trailer's closing moments, Bachman's put-upon former roommate Jian Yang makes his departure explicit).

As for what we can expect from season five: looks like we have more of Silicon Valley's patented "one step forward, two steps back" storytelling method to look forward to, along with performances from some of the best talent on television, including Thomas Middleditch, The Big Sick's Kumail Nanjiani, frequent MVP Zach Woods, and the singular Martin Starr.

Anyway, we love Silicon Valley here at BMD, and we're looking forward to an all-new batch of episodes that won't leave us with the uneasy feeling we expect to feel upon seeing TJ Miller in Deadpool 2 later this year. 

Silicon Valley returns to HBO on March 25th. We're there for it.