The HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT Trailer Is Here And It’s…Surprisingly Awesome?

This movie features a giant creature with a baby head. Are YOU gonna say no to that?

Look, you didn't expect the tenth Hellraiser movie, Hellraiser: Judgment, to be any good. We didn't expect the tenth Hellraiser movie, Hellraiser: Judgment, to be any good, either. Why would we? This franchise hasn't been good in, what, three decades?

And yet...

Look, your mileage may vary (the BMD staff is already divided on this one), but from where I'm standing, this trailer represents the first time I've been interested in seeing a new Hellraiser movie in I don't know how long. This thing looks absolutely vicious, often ugly and beautiful within the same shot, and I'm curious to see if it all adds up to anything.

Added bonus: towards the end we are presented with a hulking creature who has a baby head. Are you going to turn your nose up at a Hellraiser movie featuring a hulking creature who has a baby head? I'm not. 

The real talk here is that I honestly didn't even know Hellraiser: Judgment was a thing before this trailer squirmed its way onto my radar (why? Let me refer you back to the opening paragraph, where I very accurately explained that the Hellraiser franchise hasn't been good for three decades; please, no @'s). A look at the film's Wikipedia page reveals that this installment's been in the works for hot minute, and that whoever's keeping tabs on the Hellraiser series for Wikipedia is doing a bang-up job.

Anyway, if - like me - you wish to roll the dice on Hellraiser: Judgment, be aware that Gary Tunnicliffe's film hits DVD, Blu-ray, Digital and OnDemand on February 13th. Hey, that's one day before Valentine's Day!