See How The VFX Team Behind BLADE RUNNER 2049 Brought The Future To Life

2017's most richly realized world is impressively stitched together.

Blade Runner 2049 was arguably the most stunning piece of big budget filmmaking in 2017 - a driving, portentous dive into a meticulously-designed and realized world which was clearly brought to life through a lot of painstaking work. It's a shame the movie bombed at the box office, because Denis Villeneuve's vision is as visually stunning as it is cerebral. 

Now, a VFX reel from Rodeo - one of the companies behind BR 2049's impressive effects - has popped up online, showing off just how much post-production work went into expanding Ridley Scott's sci-fi universe. Take a peek:

There's some pretty impressive stuff in there, as effects supervisor John Nelson worked closely with director Denis Villeneuve to try and help bring his vision to tangible life, while also blending seamlessly with Ridley Scott's '82 classic. These types of BTS glimpses are always fascinating, and one can't help but hope they're expanded upon in a feature on the Blu-ray when it hits on January 16th, 2018.