47 METERS DOWN Is Getting A Shark-Filled Sequel

Probably one unrelated to the first film.

Despite really enjoying movies where sharks terrorize and eat people, I still haven’t had a chance to see this summer’s 47 Meters Down. I understand it is pretty decent and compares well to last year’s also pretty decent The Shallows.

Even though it failed to get my dollars, 47 Meters Down still made a lot of money, and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s also going to get a sequel called, of course, 48 Meters Down. That extra meter is where the sharks REALLY get nuts.

Johannes Roberts is coming back to write and direct and the film is expected to move its setting from Mexico to Brazil and focus on a group of chummy girls. This tells me that it will be more or less unrelated from the first film. I’m into it. Give us a Meters Down movie every year. We don’t care about continuing stories, we just want to watch sharks chomp folks. Maybe Meters Down can someday crossover with the Has Fallen series and we'll really get somewhere.