Introducing The Alamo Drafthouse’s KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE Inspired Menu

Kingsman tested, Statesman approved grub for your pleasure.

We were enormous fans of Matthew Vaughn’s first Kingsman movie here at the Drafthouse. So we’re doubly honored to have the sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, take over our menu for its release. These selections look fit for a true superspy, be it a Kingsman or Statesman.

Take a gander below.

The Meat Grinder Burger (above) is slathered in bourbon brown sauce and whiskey onions, after being topped with white cheddar and seasoned bacon. On the side, we have pub fries with curry ketchup. Meanwhile, the Hot Brown Sandwich (below) features house-roasted turkey breast, thick-cut bacon and whiskey onions, served with sharp cheddar Mornay sauce on sourdough toast.

​For vegetarians in the theater, The Mulligatawny Shepherd’s Pie (below) has Portobello mushrooms and lentil stew, with onions, carrots and peas, topped with bourbon-butter whipped potatoes and white cheddar cheese.

​And for dessert, Poppy’s Donuts (below) are made from sour cream cake, and topped with bourbon-roasted strawberries, strawberry glaze, and rainbow sprinkles.

​To wash it all down, Drafthouse is showcasing a variety of bourbon drinks inspired by the Kingsman and the Statesman. The Golden Circle (top) has Old Forester 86, Drambuie, lemon curd, Earl Grey and fresh lemon. The Full English Breakfast (above) has Old Forester 100, Pimm’s, orange marmalade, English Breakfast tea, and orange peel boutonniere. Eggsy’s Treacle Tart Whiskey Shake (below) contains Old Forester 86, golden syrup, shortbread crumbles, and vanilla ice cream.

If you’re really feeling like having a treat fit for a king(sman), try the Old Forester Statesman – a Limited Edition Bourbon, cask-aged, 95 proof, featuring bold flavors that can be served neat or on the rocks. Speaking as someone who got to sample a bit of this rather lovely libation recently, I’d suggest taking it neat.

All in all, this is a jolly good feast, if we do say so ourselves, another knockout menu from Drafthouse for a movie we here at BMD are just dying to see. Though you can enjoy these scrumptious delicacies now, Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens September 22. Get your tickets here.

Photos by Heather Kennedy.