Watch Deborah Kara Unger F*** Up One Of The JACKALS

Ever wonder what happens when a cult wants one of their members back?

While Scream Factory is best known for their special edition Blu-rays of our favorite library titles, they also have picked up a few brand new independent films for release, such as the Fantastic Fest selection Cockneys vs Zombies and the enjoyable cannibal comedy Gravy. Their latest is Jackals, which is a home invasion/siege film involving a family who rescues their son from a cult, only for the cultists to show up at their home to try to get him back. With so many home invasion films opting for a more vague/random "motive" (think The Strangers' simple "You were home" excuse) it's nice to see one that, like You're Next, sets up a genuine connection between the victims and the masked folks trying to get inside to presumably murder them. It ramps up their determination! 

And by "trying" to get inside I mean "succeeding", as we see in this clip, where one of the masked men (or women, I believe in equality) has gotten inside and faces off with the great Deborah Kara Unger, who is part of an impressive cast that also includes Johnathon Schaech, Chelsea Ricketts from Scream Queens (she played Amy, whose death was the trigger for the first season's killers to go on a revenge spree), and Stephen Dorff, who is doubling up on his horror cred this fall as he also appears in Leatherface. We don't get to see the Dorffman here, but we DO get Unger, Schaech, and Nick Roux going to town on their imposing attacker, though if I was a betting man I'd wager he brushes off their attacks and ends up killing at least one of them, as these sort of movies don't tend to end well for the heroes:

The film, written by Jared Rivet and directed by Saw series vet Kevin Greutert, will be released in select theaters next Friday, September 1st, as well as on VOD. I'll be checking it out theatrically because that's the kind of gal I am, but VOD is perhaps just as good for this sort of movie, as being home will put you in the same predicament as the protagonists. Hopefully, none of you will have pissed off any cults as of late, but you never know. The film's trailer is below if you'd like to know a little more about this intriguing horror/thriller, and let's hope Scream Factory continues to support these new potential classics just as well as they do the older ones.