MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 Gets Yet Another Super Badass

It’s like they’re trying to make a good movie or something.

Mission: Impossible 6 already has a cool enough cast that it doesn’t need to go around snatching up badasses anymore. It can just sit back and relax if it wants to. But that’s not what it’s doing.

According to Deadline, Angela Bassett has just joined the movie as the CIA director, which I assume means she will be a good-minded civil servant who goes after Ethan Hunt and his team due to false intel sent to her by the bad guys. Good luck with that!

This movie has been filming for a bit, so I don’t expect Bassett to be in it a whole lot. But her presence will be appreciated. She joins a cast that includes Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and NOT Jeremy Renner.