Here’s Another New Ass-Kicking WONDER WOMAN Trailer

If you missed last night's GOTHAM, we've got you covered.

Last night, Warner Bros. rolled out yet another new trailer for next month's Wonder Woman, this one during an airing of Gotham (side note: do any of you folks watch that show?), and - as has been the case with all previous Wonder Woman trailers - it kicks serious ass.

Let's take a look.

So, not a whole bunch of new footage in there, but I think I caught a couple new shots. I'm enjoying the interplay between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine (even if Pine seems to be the one delivering all the lines in these trailers), I like that this thing takes place during World War I, I like every shot wherein Wonder Woman takes out a chump with her lasso. Quite frankly, I am 100% sold and have seen all I need to see. 

Wonder Woman, which may or may not end up being the DCU's best film to date, opens on June 2nd.