Composer Podcast: Come Stay At The BATES MOTEL With Chris Bacon

Tony Giles takes a peek behind-the-music of A&E's hit television series.

We’ve got another killer podcast with Tony Giles (The Damn Fine Cast) who takes you behind-the-scenes of the score for the hit television show Bates Motel. The A&E series, currently in its fifth season, chronicles the story of Norma Bates and her teenage son Norman as they run a small rural hotel in White Pine Bay. The episodic “prequel” to Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho (1960) features some evocative music by composer Chris Bacon who showers the show with a rich beautiful darkness.

Tony and Chris gab about everything from living up to the Psycho legacy, to the day-to-day rigors of scoring a weekly television series, to the finding the tonal and emotional epicenter of each show. 

A new collector’s vinyl edition of Bacon’s music from the series has just been released by Lakeshore Records featuring album art by Phantom City Creative and two bloody shower drain picture discs.