SNL Open Thread - Emma Stone Returns

The world unites around one peach candle.

SNL is back and it brought along the extremely charming Emma Stone, someone who definitely knows her way around the show. 

The episode began with a kind of rocky return for Daniel Baldwin’s Trump impression. SNL’s Trump sketches were a lot funnier when we didn’t think Trump was going to win. Now they’re borderline depressing. Plus, anyone with a Twitter feed has seen all these jokes a million times already by the time Saturday hits. But more than anything, I don’t like the way these sketches normalize Trump as just another presidential buffoon.

Once Stone took over, however, the episode got a lot better, as evidenced by the fact that they started off with another great High School Black Box Theater sketch, followed closely by this week’s amazing Peach Candle regifting number.

After that, things settled into more of a typical episode, albeit one with Jennifer Aniston cameos out the wazoo. It feels like SNL is finally settling down into its regular mode post-election, and I can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad thing. What do you guys think of the episode? What were the highlights for you? What made you cringe in fear? Sound off in the comments below.