Tom Cruise And Doug Liman’s LUNA PARK Gets A Fuching Writer

Thank you Jason Fuchs, for having that last name.

Most movies don’t give a fuch. Luna Park will. According to Variety, Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs will write the film’s latest draft. You’ll forgive me if I made two puns about his name.

Directed by Doug Liman and starring Doug Liman’s best pal, Tom Cruise, Luna Park is about a bunch of ex-employees who go to the moon to steal some kind of big energy source. I have a strong feeling it’s going to be awesome, especially if it’s as much of an ensemble heist film as it sounds. If it ends up being a light romantic comedy, I might change my mind.

The idea is for Liman and Cruise to get this one in before Cruise goes off to be treated like a cartoon ragdoll in the next Mission: Impossible movie. That puts some pressure on Fuchs to deliver. This could be the last film Cruise makes before finally taking his stunts that one step too far. Sorry to put that out in the world, but people need to know of Luna Park’s potential importance.